The following silent, black and white film footage shows crowds filing into Briggs stadium for the June 3, 1947 Tiger's game against the Yankees. The Yankees won. The footage then shows longtime WWJ play-by-play announcer Ty Tyson at the game. This segment of the footage also shows RCA cameras on location at Briggs Stadium.

It then cuts to show a UST Tavern Tele-Symphonic projection set in a bar or greasy spoon, as well as an RCA 630TS. If you look closely, you can make out a player (number seven for the Tigers?) on the screen of the UST, in a sort of accidental, quasi-kinescope. Someone just happened to point their 16mm camera at that television set, and in the process recorded and preserved what is likely the only surviving footage of the broadcast.

The footage then cuts to scenes from WWJ-TV studios, including rare shots of the DuMont Iconoscope cameras in action. Finally, the footage ends with a shot of the broadcast antennas high atop the Penobscot building in downtown Detroit, and an American flag, likely on top of the nearby Guardian building.

This footage is in full HD with a 4:3 aspect ratio, and was provided courtesy of The Detroit Historical Museum.